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Your project needs to sound fantastic, so why not put your trust in an expert? Hayley Hersh has been an audio engineer since 2000, and the journey from then to now has been an incredible one. "I have learned so much along the way from engineering and production, to mixing and sound design."

In 2000 Hayley began her career as a producer and songwriter with Streetlight Productions, where she was mentored by super producer Fingazz.  During that time she was fortunate to produce music for Mr. Shadow and Kurupt.
In 2002, Hayley started working for Elastic Media Corp. where she worked her way up from sound editor and recording engineer, to re-recording mixer.
In 2011, Hayley started working with music producer Jess Jackson and the artist, Tyga.  During this time she was fortunate to work on numerous projects where she honed her Pro Tools skills as an engineer and was a musician and co-wrote on several songs.
In 2015, she started her career in sound design, creating audio content for Elephant Sound Design sound libraries.

"With all of my experience, I've had the opportunity to perfect my craft and have a clear artistic vision for each project I work on. This is my vision, and I’ll apply it to any projects I work on with you. If you want to work with an engineer who takes their craft seriously and delivers amazing results every time, you should definitely contact me"



Dustin Tavella

When heart and music come together, a masterful project like Put It All On The Table is the end result. Digging deep into her audio mixing talents, Hayley Hersh has created a layered masterpiece of dynamic sound and tasteful mixing. Hayley Hersh hopes you enjoy the final product, so please feel free to listen, share, and send her your comments.



Dynamic Balance

Mixing all genres of music and post production audio, as well as designing sound elements for libraries, and to punctuate movie trailers and TV promos, Hayley brings years of dedication and inspired expertise to your project.






Bing presents “Digging” - Jeff Bhasker (2010) Level4

Audio Post & Mix

Walters Automotive Group (2008)

2 Advertisements

Sound Design & Mix


Drugs, Inc. (2014) - National Geographic Channel

Composer - “Smack Attack” “So Thot” “Blowin Stacks”

Chop (2011) - Panfame Films

Composer - “End Credits”

Zegapain (2007) - Bandai Entertainment

26 Episodes

Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Design

Duel Masters (2005 - 2006)  - Hasbro

26 Episodes Cartoon Network

Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Effects Editor

Magical Meow Meow Taruto (2005) - Bandai Entertainment

12 Episodes

Re-Recording Mixer & Recording Engineer

Stratos 4 (2004) - Bandai Entertainment

OAV 2 Episodes

Re-Recording Mixer & Recording Engineer

Avenger (2003) - Bandai Entertainment

13 Episodes

Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Design

Stratos 4 (2003) - Bandai Entertainment

13 Episodes

Recording Engineer

Demon Lord Dante (2002) - Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc.

13 Episodes

Re-Recording Mixer


A.J. Mitchell – “Mind” Acoustic (2018 Epic Records)
Musician (Piano)

Uniq - EOEO (2015 Yuehua Entertainment)

Mixing Engineer “Luv Again”

Tyga & Chris Brown - Fan Of A Fan (2015 Cash Money)

Recording Engineer

The Wanted - Word of Mouth (2013 Island)
“Running Out Of Reasons” - Co-Writer / Piano

Tyga - Hotel California (2013 Young Money)

Recording Engineer

Tyga & The Game – Well Done 3 (2012 Young Money)

“Switch Lanes” - Recording Engineer
“Do My Dance” - Mix Assist

Tyga – Careless World (2012 Young Money)

 “Light Dreams” & “Love Game” Co-Writer / Musician

(Acoustic Guitar and Piano)

Tyga – (2011 Young Money)

“Get Gnarley” - Recording Engineer

YG - Just Re’d Up  (2011 Pu$haz Ink Tha Label)

“Hell Yeah” YG feat. Chris Brown & Tyga - Mixing Engineer

Tyga – Black Thoughts 2 & Well Done 2 (2011 Young Money)

“Real or Fake” “Don’t Wake Me Up” & “Involved” - Recording Engineer (Acoustic Guitar on “Involved”)

Kurupt - Space Boogie (2001 Artemis Records)

“The Life I Live” - Co-Producer & Mixer

East Side's Most Wanted Vol.4 (2001 East Side Records)

Mr. Shadow - “See Me Die” - Producer & Mixer

Seldom Seen - “When We Ride” - Producer & Mixer

Nuthin' But A Gangsta Party (2000 Priority Records)

Roscoe - “I Love Cali” - Co-Mixing Engineer

Don Cisco - Oh Boy (2000 Thump Records)

“Do You Like 2 Ride?” - Producer & Mixing Engineer

Mr. Shadow - Expekt The Unexpekted (2000 East Side Records)

Producer and Mixer - “Westside” “Y?” “Here we go” “No Balls



Whatever your audio or music needs, I can help you.  Contact me with any questions and we can work together to realize your vision!


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